Self – Determination

Watching the BBC’s Newsnight EU referendum special with Evan Davis I was intrigued to how they would approach the subject of “Sovereignty”. Sadly it was tackled with childish mirth, being an intangible notion and not once was “Self-Determination” mentioned. If Newsnight really were perplexed by the notion of sovereignty then they really should have searched out my blog on Sovereignty!

One of the issues with words like sovereignty is that they become “loaded” with preconceived prejudices and ideas. Take national pride; usually portrayed as an evil of the world and is expressed as nationalism or jingoism. But then there is the flipside to that coin; the expression of loyalty to your country, its peoples and shared beliefs that is patriotism. No matter how much others will deny this, words like sovereignty and self-determination are important, they define who we are. They shape our beliefs and core values.

For many involved in the campaign to leave the EU, sovereignty is the crux of the matter. To regain and retain the sovereignty of Great Britain is the only issue of consequence. This is what gives the various leave campaigns so much substance.

By contrast, those who are in the remain campaign suffer from the reverse. They have to tackle the EU referendum from the other side, which is to offer the British people “Project Fear” and the negative outcomes of the UK leaving the EU. The remain campaign can only offer voters hollow talk; empty promises and empty words. They know this to be true, which makes their campaign all the more galling and incredulous.

No matter what either campaign or the media says, all the average British voter cares about is who is running our country now and who will run it in the future? Does Westminster run our country or Brussels? Whether the EU becomes a true single nation federal Europe is probably neither here nor there to your average voter but what they do worry about is who is controlling and pulling the strings above them? The politicians of Westminster may be very unpopular at the moment but the thought of being placed completely at the mercy of Brussels in future is a completely unpalatable thought for the average Briton.

The remain campaign know that all of their pledges are completely hollow. All pledges from Westminster on Europe have always been and always shall be hollow ones. Since the conceptual beginnings of the EU after World War II, from the Schuman Declaration of 1950 and the 1951 Treaty of Paris where France, West Germany, Italy and the three Benelux countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands joined the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), these countries of mainland Europe have sought to form a union, a single nation federal Europe. Nothing the remain campaign says can alter this truth.

Since 1951 every single European treaty has contrived to bring the European nations closer together in order to form a single nation federal Europe. From Harold Macmillan (who attempted to join the Common Market) to the incumbent Prime Minister at No.10, irrespective of which political party they came from, every PM has attended these treaties in the full knowledge that their European partners were all unanimous in agreement that the eventual outcome for Europe is to see their vision of a single federal nation. Knowing this, each PM from Macmillan onwards at each treaty knowingly agreed to sign away more British sovereignty on each occasion, while denying this to all and sundry. Each and every Prime Minister seemed to have been suffering a case of denial. This is the exact same stance held by the remain campaign; equally suffering and in complete denial unable to accept that the entire reason for the EU is to form an eventual single nation federal Europe. That ultimate goal shall never dissipate; one united country made up of states. One currency; one parliament; one Council; one President; one nation joined economically, fiscally, legislatively, militarily and socially. For over 65 years this has been a truth and yet even now the remain campaign would deny this fact. This is why their campaign is built upon self denial and hollow promises which can never be kept.

While the remain campaign revolves exclusively around the hollow negativity of “Project Fear”, in stark contrast the leave campaign calls upon the positive virtues of loyalty, duty and patriotism from the British voters. That’s the beauty of choosing to vote leave. It is a positive action. Those Britons who vote leave on Thursday 23rd June are choosing the positive step of regaining the sovereignty and self-determination of their own country.



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