EU Referendum Myths On Figures

It seems peculiar even as the Remain campaign berates the Vote Leave campaign for the £350 million per week figure going to the EU from the UK as non factual; the Remain campaign holds to their statement that there are over 500 million consumers in the EU for British businesses.

If the Remain campaign wished to be completely factual they should claim that there are over 500 million `potential’ customers, when in reality there are nowhere near that many potential consumers.

In Southern Europe and the Mediterranean the economies of Spain, Greece, Italy, et al are far from being in the position where their citizens can purchase goods and services from the UK on a noticeable scale. The same can be said for the nations from Eastern Europe who have joined the EU. Their economies are too disadvantaged to be able to purchase British goods and services.

All of these nations are in the Eurozone. The chances of these economies recovering within decades are negligible. This is the entire point of the Eurozone. All of these nations are kept poor and are reliant upon Germany and the European Central Bank. When the European Union morphs in to the United States of Europe and nations are transformed in to principalities their utter reliance upon the ECB will be the leverage used for their agreed compliance to a federal Europe. What this does mean is the majority of citizens of the EU are not consumers of British goods and services.

The UK in the EU has to accommodate 27 other nations, which are set to increase, just to do business with Germany, France and the BeNeLux nations. The economies of France and the BeNeLux nations are not in the rudest of health. This leaves Germany as the main market for UK goods and services. This is less than 82 million consumers, not over 500 million. In reality, for German consumers it is not even that amount. Your average German citizens, Herr und Frau Schmidt are not consumers, they are savers and investors, unwilling to spend and consume anywhere near the levels of British or American consumers.

For British goods and services there are far more potential consumers in the rest of the world, hundreds of millions more potential consumers outside of the EU. To think otherwise is sheer folly and for this reason it is the sensible decision to vote leave on the 23rd June.


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