Brexit – A Bright Future

Two weeks have passed since the nation went to the ballot box on the 23rd June. I have been dismayed by what I have witnessed. The EU referendum was over. The voting done. The nation had spoken. Over 17 million people had voted Leave. They had grasped the opportunity for a brighter future. The verdict was final. Brexit had been victorious.

You would not have known this if you were watching the news broadcasts on mainstream television channels. The BBC are the most guilty but all broadcasters are culpable of continuing to promote a pro EU and Remain stance, in spite of the fact that this nation voted Leave.

These broadcasters, who should have been allaying the fears of the general public after Brexit and bringing calm to the markets; who should have been “banging the drum” for the UK and British commerce, promoting the news of all those nations who have since contacted the UK and are vying to be first in line for trade talks.

Instead, we have witnessed nothing but churlish spite from the broadcasters as they have concealed and failed to publicize the positive news on Brexit while seeking to grasp and promote every story that may undermine the process of Brexit or the UK economy. Broadcasters have failed to publicize the news that within hours of the Leave result members of the Commonwealth of Nations were contacting the UK to begin trade negotiations. Immediately! Canada, Australia and New Zealand were the first to take up the clarion call with the New Zealand Government offering the UK the use of their best trade negotiators to help with the Brexit negotiations with the EU. Other Commonwealth nations, Ghana and India have also contacted the UK to begin trade talks. None of this has been reported on mainstream TV.

Outside of the Commonwealth of Nations, within hours of the Leave result being declared, the United States of America  admitted that the UK shall not be “at the back of the queue” as had been hinted during `Project Fear’, instead the USA quickly contacted the UK to begin preliminary trade talks. Again, a positive story for British commerce had been concealed and gone unreported. South Korea and Mexico have also contacted the UK seeking talks for new trade agreements. Again this passed unreported. European Free Trade Association (EFTA) members Iceland and Switzerland have also contacted the UK seeking trade talks. This too passed unreported on mainstream TV.

If the broadcasters truly cared about this nation and their viewers they would be promoting the positive message of Brexit to the UK and the rest of the world, instead of continuing with their policy of `Project Fear’. Whatever happens during future negotiations with the EU, the UK will have some form of access to the Single Market. More importantly, for the first time in over forty years the UK shall be able to bypass going through EU channels and hold face-to-face trade discussions with the other 52 members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the rest of the world outside of the EU. The UK has regained its voice on the world’s stage. With the opportunity of unfettered negotiations with all those nations and potential new markets, the 27 member states of the EU no longer look so inviting. Not that you’ll hear this positive message in the mainstream media. Instead, the mainstream media shall continue to spoon feed you a diet of fear, gloom and negativity.

The British mainstream media have been utterly disingenuous in their attitude to the point of treachery of their own nation and people. If there is to be a recession in future, they shall be the culpable party and much of the blame shall fall upon them. It must be said that the Bank of England and other organizations who were content to play their part in `Project Fear’ are equally culpable and they too will need to accept the role they played in causing harm to the UK economy.

Regardless of the home grown treachery and those fifth columnists spreading fear, as long as our politicians have the moral courage to invoke Article 50 (having been given the mandate to do so by the outcome of the referendum) and complete the UK’s exit from the EU within the next two years, the potential future of Britain outside of the EU still remains a very bright one. All of those nations previously mentioned are there waiting in the wings offering new opportunities to the UK, with potential access to economic markets which when combined are far in excess of the EU’s. Those nations seeking access to British economic trade will only continue to grow and expand in the passing months and years ahead. Outside of the EU there is an entire world of opportunity opening up to the UK, offering a bright and prosperous new future with endless possibilities.


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